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By Astronics

The CTS‑6000 combines the operational capability of many different test instruments into a powerful, compact, handheld unit. This test set significantly reduces:

  • Test Time and Cost
  • Maintenance and Calibration Costs
  • No Fault Found Conditions
  • Life Cycle Cost-of-Ownership

More than 160 systems, (CTS‑6010 variants), have been delivered to the Australian and New Zealand Armies, with Innovasys providing maintenance and calibration support.




By Astronics

The ATS3000A represents the 3rd generation in the evolution of the ATACTS product. The ATS3000A is designed using Astronics' proven Synthetic Instrumentation (SI) architecture, which combines the functions of multiple instruments into a single, software-defined platform. Astronics' Next Generation Synthetic Instrumentation Architecture (NGSIA) provides the user with a complete and compact RF, Analogue and Digital test platform. It can be used as a standalone or fully automated system with easy to use graphical user interfaces. The ATS3000A is capable of testing current and future software-defined radios as well as power amplifiers, couplers and other electronic equipment




By Astronics

The VIPER/T is the United States Marine Corps’ current automated test system. Based on the previous generation Third Echelon Test System, the VIPER/T is designed to test and diagnose electronic, electro-mechanical and electro-optical (EO) equipment, assemblies and circuit cards from weapons and radar systems. The system features a modular design and includes a virtual instrumentation suite with software-defined RF functional test assets. Configurations offered include the RF system with frequency range to 18 GHz, the EO system for testing optical, infrared and laser based systems, and the RF/EO combined system.



PinPoint IIR

By Diagnosys

The PinPoint IIR provides industry-leading capability for the test and fault finding of the most challenging Circuit Card Assembly. With the ability to apply different test methods at the PCB edge connector or to each IC and device in-circuit through a test clip or Device Test Interface (DTI) you can achieve excellent test coverage and accurate and reliable fault finding.