Innovasys Pty Ltd


what do they think?


... the level of collegiate engagement between the Department of Defence represented by BCOG and Innovasys Pty Ltd is exemplary. During the acquisition phase of the capability all stakeholders took personal ownership of the outcome of the project and this has continued throughout the sustainment of the system.
— Battlespace Communications Operations Group

The relationship between Innovasys Pty Ltd and the Commonwealth has been characterised by open communications and a mature approach to risk management.
— Battlespace Communications Operations Group

… through (Innovasys’) diligence, the Commonwealth has avoided inflated ‘government rate’ charges.
— CMDR Smith, RAN

… they provide solid technical advice and technical reports based on obvious and deep seated experience …
— LCDR Crawford, RAN

The conduct of Innovasys in all areas of the contract and their willingness to accommodate the Commonwealth’s requests has been nothing but professional and Innovasys should be highly praised.
— LEUT Moffat, RAN

Performance, singularly and collectively, has been outstanding … Innovasys has proven to be extremely
knowledgeable, industrious and completely resourceful.
— LEUT Cross, RAN