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in The Beginning

Ultimo 1997, we of course knew everything, mid-20s, casuals to work, colour on the walls … we were different from the Royal Australian Navy’s usual contractors and we had just won a “massive” support contract competing against some of Australia's largest Defence Primes. We were now the validation, engineering and maintenance support agency, the Engineering Agency, and part of the Royal Australian Navy Project Authority, responsible for providing support to the Fleet’s Electronic Test & Repair Facilities. Fingers crossed.

More than 20 years on, whilst the role has evolved and Defence organisations have changed names, merged, demerged, (several times), we are still the incumbent contractor, successfully competing for the role five times.

and now

Based in the Hunter, definitely still casuals to work, (although we’ve ditched the peach coloured walls), belief in our abilities, encouraging innovation and cultivating our client relationships has enabled Innovasys to grow into a valued supplier of products, engineering and maintenance services to the ADF and Defence contractors.

The essential ingredient to this success has been our people; they are innovative, dedicated and experienced. The retention rate of Innovasys' leadership group is more than 17 years; they provide our clients with a reliable resource of knowledge and experience. Recruitment focuses on finding people who fit our team culture, bring new ideas, question our path and rejuvenate our enthusiasm.

Our revenue base is still primarily generated by the provision of products and services relating to automated test of electronic assemblies and communications equipment. However, in more recent years we have invested in our capability to design and manufacture custom electronics, diversifying our client base and providing our people an opportunity to be involved in some innovative projects. We consider the expansion of this service offering to be essential to Innovasys' ongoing success and for this reason we are actively seeking these types of opportunities.


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We're Looking For New Opportunities

If you're responsible for maintaining a system where faulty electronic modules are not readily replaceable, Innovasys can assist by providing cost effective repair services or by developing support tools to allow in-house repair.

Our engineering team is keen to hear about your project, offer advice and discuss whether it would benefit from a custom or existing electronics and/or software solution. 

Building Our Business

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Key People



Germeen Kaldas

Financial Control & Business Development

Innovasys' founder and a highly respected ATE subject matter expert, Germeen has been involved with the provision of support for test and repair of circuit cards to the ADF since 1994. Germeen is Innovasys’ contact for all contractual and company financial matters, and provides technical advice and DEA support to the Commonwealth.



University of Technology, Sydney
BEng(Elec), DipEngPrac, 1999

RMIT, Melbourne
MEng(SysSuppEng), 2012

Key Capabilities

  • System Support Design
  • Business Resource Planning
  • ATE Subject Matter Expert
  • Training Specialist; ATE Operation & Maintenance



Nick Moss

Project Management, Compliance Manager

One of our first employees, Nick has performed a number of roles for Innovasys, including ATE design and assembly, Test Routine development and the development of Technical Maintenance Plans for various systems. He currently oversees all of Innovasys' projects and has, in the interim, taken on the role of Compliance Manager. Nick has over 20 years experience in the use of ATE to support test and repair of Defence assets. 



University of Technology, Sydney
BEng(Elec) Hons, 1997

Key Capabilities

  • Project Management
  • ATE Subject Matter Expert
  • Advanced CCA Test & Repair
  • Development of Technical Maintenance Plans
  • Development of Test Routine Specifications



David Breese

Test Routine Development, Design Signatory

Part of the UTS connection, David is our lead Test Engineer and responsible for reviewing and certifying Innovasys designs. He has been involved with the provision of support for Test & Repair of Circuit Cards to the ADF since 2000. David’s most important technical capability is his thorough understanding of Test Routine development. In 2017, the RAN began placing their sailors (Electrical Technicians) posted to their CCA repair facilities at Innovasys for 5-7 week periods for training in soldering and advanced Test & Repair utilising ATE. During these periods David is our lead Training Specialist.



University of Technology, Sydney
BEng(Elec) Hons, DipEngPrac, 1999

Key Capabilities

  • Test Routine development
  • RF PCB Design
  • Trainer IPC J-STD-001 (inspection of electronic assemblies)
  • Trainer IPC 7711/7721 (rework of electronic assemblies)
  • Training Specialist; Test & Repair



Braden Marshall

Test Routine Validation, Maintenance & Calibration

Braden walked in the door when he was seventeen ... his mother couldn't get rid of him fast enough ... more than 17 years later Braden is a specialist ATE Maintainer and his exceptional eye for detail has landed him the job of validating our Test Routines. As a subject matter expert Braden is one of our Training Specialists, conducting ATE Operation & Maintenance training and IPC soldering training. 



A really long time on the job ... we've tried, he's just too comfortable.

Key Capabilities

  • Test Routine Validation
  • ATE Maintenance & Calibration
  • Trainer IPC J-STD-001 (inspection of electronic assemblies)
  • Trainer IPC 7711/7721 (rework of electronic assemblies)
  • Training Specialist; ATE Operation & Maintenance