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Building Our Brand

We have built a reputation for assisting our clients to reduce logistics costs by providing niche services relating to electronic test and repair of strategically high value electronic assemblies and communications equipment.

The value of the assets to be supported and our capabilities define our client base. Within Australia this market is becoming more competitive and recognising this, we will continue to invest in our ADF relationships through meeting contract expectations, promoting our capability and seeking opportunities with prime Defence contractors. In particular we will promote our capability to develop custom electronics; this service encourages innovation, professional development and job satisfaction ... we need to retain good people.

To ensure we remain viable, we are pursuing client diversification by investing in commercial and international opportunities. To ensure we remain relevant, we are committed to better understanding and adapting to meet our clients’ needs and their perceptions of our performance.


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We're Looking For New Opportunities

If you're responsible for maintaining a system where faulty electronic modules are not readily replaceable, Innovasys can assist by providing cost effective repair services or by developing support tools to allow in-house repair.

Our engineering team is keen to hear about your project, offer advice and discuss whether it would benefit from a custom or existing electronics and/or software solution.