Test Program Set Development

Test Programs Sets (TPS) consist of automated functional test routines and associated interface hardware. They are designed to test and diagnose faults on electronic assemblies using a standard suite of computer controlled equipment or Automatic Test Equipment (ATE).

Innovasys has a proven track record for producing and maintaining TPSs for the Australian Defence Force. We have been engaged for more than 10 years to develop TPSs to support the RAN Surface Fleet. During this time we have developed over 100 TPSs for use on the RAN's RTS-4000 Hybrid Tester and maintain close to 500 TPSs developed for the GenRad 2225. Supported equipment includes the MK92 Gun Fire Control System, the MK15 Close In Weapons System and the SPS49 Radar.

As experienced ATE through life maintainers, we have faced the challenge of ATE obsolescence and the need to migrate existing TPSs, including their hardware onto new platforms. Over the years Innovasys has been responsible for migrating the RAN Surface Fleet's TPS investment from the USN TAT to the RAN M3-ATS and finally to the RTS-4000.

Although we favour simplicity, our specialist hardware engineers are capable of producing complex interface devices to overcome ATE deficiencies and extend the stations' test capabilities.

Key Experience

  • Test Requirement Documents
    By reviewing the available technical documentation and analysis of the circuit cards, Innovasys can produce Test Requirement Documents for use in the TPS Development process.
  • TPS Development Specifications
  • Test Executive Development
  • No Language Barriers