Power-Off Testing & Diagnostics

Testing using the Huntron Protrack®, provides power-off diagnostic capabilities that can either be used to refine fault isolation after functional tests have been performed or to provide fault isolation capabilities and safe to turn on testing where a parent assembly is available to determine serviceability.

Due to uncertainty as to the nature of a board failure, it is often beneficial to use non-destructive test equipment to examine component "signatures" and compare them to known healthy component signatures.

Innovasys has been trained by the USN in Gold Disk Development and has tailored the USN’s development specification for Australian application. Each RAN Gold Disk developed includes an information package containing a board layout, schematic and parts list, and a diagnostic database of signatures and test instructions for each component on the board.

Whether coupled with a functional Test Program or as a stand-alone tool, a Gold Disk is a proven, reliable and cost effective test and repair tool used extensively by the US Defense Force and the RAN.

Key Experience

  • RAN Gold Disk
    Innovasys develops Power-Off Test Routines to the RAN Gold Disk Specification and has produced over 800 Gold Disks for the Australian Defence Force. We are currently contracted to develop and maintain Gold Disks for use at the RAN Fleet Support Unit Circuit Card Assembly Test & Repair Facilities.
  • Development for no data CCAs
  • Development Specifications
  • RAN Gold Disk User's Course