Through Life Support

Innovasys provides reliable in-country support of ATE and associated components. Our involvement in the maintenance of, development for and testing with, a range of ATE, has allowed our people to become subject matter experts in ATE management and maintenance; the fundamental management principles apply irrespective of the target ATE.

We are currently contracted to provide engineering and maintenance support and operator training for the RAN Surface Fleet suite of ATE, which includes the:

  • AN/USM-657 TETS
  • AN/USM-465 GenRad 2225
  • Aurora VTS-1000/7
  • AN/USM-674 Huntron Protrack 1 Model 20B

Our ATE management experience includes:

  • the support of ATE hardware and firmware, including the upgrade of obsolete instrumentation,
  • the support of ATE operating system software,
  • the development and modification of Test Executive and Management Systems, and TPS development tools,
  • the configuration management and maintenance of ATE elements, including electronic media and supporting documentation, and
  • the development of Technical Maintenance Plans that detail scheduled and corrective maintenance procedures.

Key Experience

  • RTS-4000
    The RTS-4000 is a hybrid tester developed by Mantech Test Systems. This platform is based around VXI technology and hosts all recently developed Test Programs, which support the RAN's ADELAIDE Class Frigates. Innovasys developed the current Support Plan and is engaged to perform all scheduled and corrective maintenance.
  • GenRad 2225
  • Aurora VTS-1000